General Purpose Incubator

A-series direct heating incubators offer an economical
incubation method to a variety of micro-organism
cultures. As a standard feature, all incubators have a
high-tech microprocessor controller that maintains
accurate temperature control (PID) of the chamber in
the range of ambient +5°C to 65°C. With an accuracy
of ±0.1°C, a user-friendly sealed control panel allows
easy digital setting and fast readout of time and
temperature as well as an alarm signal if there is a
deviation from set point parameters. The processor of
our incubators can store up to 9 programs-18 stepsinto
a “non-volatile” memory. Programs can be used
for running multiple "ramp and soak" cycles up to 99
times. Of course the incubators can also be used as a
constant (one) temperature incubator.

F Features:
 P.I.D. microprocessor ensures the precision of
temperature control under both fixed value mode
and program mode.
 Fully programmable through the keyboard (9
programs/18 steps).
 Forced-air circulation provides uniformity of
 Audible and visible alarm on over temperature.
 Password protection against unauthorized access
to all settings.
 Non-volatile memory retains preset parameters
after an accidental power interruption.
 Large LCD display for easy parameters setting
and fast readout.
 Inner glass door provides complete visibility to
the chamber.

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